RiverRoc Industries is a global commodity trading company that primarily focuses on the sale and trading of precious metals (gold and silver), nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, tin, cobalt), rare minerals (lithium, coltan, tantalum), and agricultural commodities (corn, wheat, rice, cashews, sugar, fertilizer).
RiverRoc Industries works with host country Governments to build centers of excellence and innovation with respect to artisanal mining, value-added product processing, and commodity trading. This ambitious impact investment is achieved through the provision of modern small-scale mining equipment to enhance safety, work output, and product production. We establish advanced technology service centers in mining communities to facilitate “on-the-spot” mineral testing and product processing, and to increase the value of the minerals.

Traceability and transparency (addressed through blockchain technology) accountability and liquidity (through the establishment of buying centers, which could potentially be consolidated into a commodity exchange).

Combating child labor that deprives the youth of their childhoods, and a country of its future intellectual capacity (addressed by the provision of alternative opportunities through impact investments, and the establishment of a social security fund for elderly and disabled primary caregivers). The fund provides needed life-sustaining resources to caregivers, and therefore, children are allowed to be returned to the classroom.

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